Ohio University Association of Nigerians



We, the Nigerian students, staff and alumni of Ohio University Athens being aware of the need to unite and collectively promote our academic, cultural and social interests, hereby establish this Association.





1.              To promote unity among all Nigerian students, alumni, staff and friends of Nigeria at Ohio University, irrespective of color, creed, religion or ethnic affiliation, herein referred to as members.

2.              To express, promote, and protect the interest of members and initiate cultural and educational activities.

3.               To connect Nigerian students at Ohio University with alumni for networking purposes.

4.              To develop a profound awareness and understanding of social, cultural, and political conditions in Nigeria and make contribution towards the improvement of same.

5.              To promote diversity and encourage cultural exchange between members and students from other parts of the world at Ohio University.

6.              To contribute to the development of Ohio University and the Athens Community.


SECTION I 1.                    The organization shall be officially known as the Association of Nigerians, herein referred to as the AON.

2.                           Membership shall be open to:

    1. All Nigerian students and friends of Nigeria studying at Ohio University. Staff will be welcome as associate members.
    2. Members in a given meeting shall constitute the General Assembly.
    3. Members with up to date registration shall be entitled to benefits of the Association as specified in the by-laws. Membership shall be determined by the payment of dues, attendance at meetings and participation in at least one of the activities in the quarter.
    4. Past members of the association will be accorded honorary membership. Honorary membership shall be accorded to friends of Nigeria, irrespective of status and nationality, provided that such membership is guaranteed by interest, devotion, and active participation in activities of the Association.
    5. Honorary members shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of membership with the exception of running for and holding office.
3.           a.   Associate members are eligible to be appointed as advisor.

b.     A suitable member of staff, recommended to and approved by the General   Assembly, shall be appointed as the advisor to the Association for the duration of two years. The position shall be reviewed after this period.

c.     The General Assembly shall have the power to appoint and/or replace the advisor.

  1.       a.    The seat of the Association shall be Ohio University, Athens Campus.
b.    All correspondence between the Association and other individuals, organizations and/or institutions shall be conducted through the Executive Committee. Mail can be sent to the Association through the International Student and Faculty Services office.




1.                               The General Assembly shall meet five times within the quarter, or otherwise, depending on the school system.

2.                     a,Legislative powers are conferred on the General Assembly, subject to contrary provisions under the constitution.

      b.A simple majority shall decide matters, with the exception of removal of an Executive Committee member and Constitutional Amendments. In cases where the General Assembly cannot reach a simple majority, the President, or any Executive Committee member chairing the meeting, shall be asked to cast a tie-breaking vote.

3.                                All members of AON shall attend meetings of the General Assembly, and shall have the right to speak at such meetings.

4.                               The General Assembly shall study and deliberate on programs and reports submitted by Committee members, except where such authority is delegated to the Executive and Ad-hoc Committees.

 5.             Only the General Assembly shall have the power to declare a member dismissed from the Association for actions or behavior that are contrary to the aims and objectives of the Association and that puts the name of the Association in disrepute. Such a decision shall be reached on the strength of a two-thirds majority.

6.  The General Assembly shall equally pass a “vote of no confidence” on  any Executive member deemed to be inactive in carrying out his/her duties, provided the President has exhausted all administrative processes to correct the said official, and has the backing of the Executives. In that case, the General Assembly shall be compelled to relieve the said official of his/her duties.

 7.  Members of the General Assembly can also call for a Commission of Inquiry into alleged action(s) or inaction(s) of an Executive that are contrary to the aims and objectives of the Association and that puts the name of the Association in disrepute. Provided that the inquiry is based on facts verifiable by other members of the Executive, with the knowledge of the official in question; the Assembly may decide to remove the Executive on the strength of a two-thirds majority.





1.     a.  The Executive Committee of the Association shall comprise the following:

                 i.)  President

                 ii.)  Vice-President

                 iii.)  General Secretary

                 iv.)  Treasurer

                 v.)  Public Relations Officer

                 vi.)  Social and Cultural Officer

                 vii.)  WebMaster/Listserve Manager

        b.  Only the General Assembly can approve the creation/discontinuation of office(s).


2.  The Executive Committee shall, in consultation with the General Assembly:

a.     Arrange and fix dates for meetings of the General Assembly.

b.     Coordinate the activities of the Association, in accordance with university regulations concerning student organizations.

c.     Propose bills to the General Assembly to be passed into law. Such bill(s) can be approved or rejected by a simple majority of the General Assembly.

d.     Prepare the annual program of activities of the Association. The program shall be approved or rejected by a simple majority of the General Assembly.

e.     Prepare an annual budget for the Association and present same to the General Assembly for approval.

3.     The Executive Committee shall hold office for the term of one academic year beginning in the Summer Session. Executive Committee members shall be eligible for re-election but cannot hold office for more than two consecutive terms.

4.     The President:

a.     Shall chair meetings of the General Assembly and the Executive Committee.

b.     Shall oversee the successful running of the Association

c.     Shall be the Association’s official spokesperson.

d.     May work with any committee, but shall not be a member of any committee.

e.     Shall represent the Association at university organized activities or meetings.

f.      Shall renew registration of the association every year no later than the second week of fall quarter.

g.     May assign additional duties to members of the Executive Committee as necessary for the smooth running of the Association.

5.     The Vice President:

a.     Shall assist in the coordination of the activities and meetings of the General Assembly and the Executive Committee as delegated by the President.

b.     Shall, in the absence of the President, chair the meetings of the General Assembly and perform all other duties of the President.

c.     Shall serve as ex-officio member in committees and subcommittees as appointed by the General Assembly.

d.     Shall on a regular basis consult with the Treasurer on the Association’s financial status.


6.     General Secretary:

a.     Shall keep and report minutes of all deliberations of the Executive Committee and General Assembly.

b.     Shall send previous minutes via the listserv prior to every meeting.

c.     Shall, in consultation with the President and other members of the Executive Committee, draw the agenda for all meetings of the General Assembly and the Executive Committee.

d.     Shall inform members of meetings in advance and send reminders as needed.

e.     Shall be responsible for all correspondence of the Association and maintain the Association’s records.

7.     Treasurer:

a.     Shall be responsible for all financial transactions of the Association.

b.     Shall be responsible for collection of membership dues, donations and awards and issue receipts.

c.     Shall present a financial statement to the executive prior to General Assembly meeting.

d.     Shall present a financial statement during General Assembly meetings

e.     Shall prepare a statement of expenditures and incomes and present it to the General Assembly after every activity of the Association where money is involved.

f.      Shall present an audited financial report to the General Assembly at the end of every academic year.

8.     Public Relations Officer

a.     Shall be responsible for publicizing all activities and events of the Association.

b.     Shall promote and celebrate Nigeria from time to time through fliers, brochures, e-mails, posters, press interviews/release/briefing, newspaper articles and other media as decided along with the webmaster.

c.     Shall be responsible for producing slide shows (or other multi-media packages) about Nigeria to be shown at meetings and events. Duration of such materials will be approved by the executive members when necessary.

d.     Shall notify the Association about visiting Nigerians (i.e. Nigerians who are visiting Ohio University for a credible cause) and make an arrangement for meeting with such person.

e.     Shall facilitate a reliable and efficient communication network between the Association and other individuals/organizations. 

9.     Social and Cultural Officer:

a.     Shall coordinate all social and cultural events of the Association.

b.     Shall chair fundraising by ad-hoc committees.

c.     Shall inform the Association of local, regional, and international events.

10.  Webmaster:

a.     Shall build or maintain the Association’s website.

b.     Shall maintain a list of members in the listserv and educate members on subscription to listserve.

c.     Shall work with the Public relations Officer to arrange meeting(s) with visiting Nigerians of repute.

d.     Shall keep members of the Association informed about Nigeria, Africa and world news/events through websites, emails or in person.

e.     Shall manage internet mediums (blogs, email groups etc.-) and newsletter (where published) on behalf of the Association

f.      Shall chair and coordinate ad-hoc committees related to his/her office.







1.              Elections for the Executive Committee shall be held once every year during Spring Quarter.

2.              Current Executive officers shall be eligible for re-election.

3.              Eligibility shall be limited to students currently enrolled at Ohio University, who are registered (paid dues) and have been actively involved with the Association.

4.              The election shall be conducted by a returning officer and two assistants appointed by the General Assembly for the purposes of the specific election.

5.              Candidacy shall be determined by individual announcement or by nomination.

6.              A candidate can be elected in absentia, provided he or she has notified the General Assembly prior to the election date.

7.              Voting shall be by ballot. It may be by secret or open ballot as the electoral committee deems fit.

8.              In the event of a tie, the General Assembly shall cast a tie breaking ballot.

9.              The advisor and two non-Executive members, appointed by the General Assembly, shall witness the hand-over of office and swearing-in event.





1.              Shall provide guidance, support and direction to the development of the Association.

2.              Shall liaise between the Association and Ohio University authorities.

3.              Shall attend Executive and General Assembly meetings from time to time.

4.              Shall call for minutes to keep abreast of the state of the association.

5.              Shall participate in activities/events and give a welcome address where called upon.





1.              There shall be a Disciplinary Committee of five persons elected by the General Assembly to try specific cases and shall thereafter dissolve.

2.              The Disciplinary Assembly shall elect or appoint its own chairperson.

3.              In the event of violation(s) of university regulations and actions contrary to the Association’s aims and objectives, a member of the Association shall be subject to disciplinary action.

4.              Members of the Executive are eligible for appointment to the Disciplinary Committee.

5.              The General Assembly shall, in accordance with the ruling of the Disciplinary Committee, shall uphold or dismiss the disciplinary action.

6.              A member subjected to disciplinary action shall have five (5) work days to appeal to the President of the Association. At which point the President shall cause another hearing of the matter.








1.              The Association recognizes itself as an organization under the auspices of the International Student Union (I.S.U), and is bound by all the laws, rules, and regulations described in the I.S.U constitution.

2.              The Association shall be represented in all meetings of the I.S.U.

3.              The Association shall establish relations with other student organizations with similar aims and objectives to the Association.

4.              AON shall carry out at least one cultural exchanges/collaboration event annually.






1.              The amendment of any article or subsection of this Constitution shall require a two-thirds majority vote of the General Assembly.

2.              In the event of dissolution, the Association’s records, assets and documents shall be handed over to the ISU who will be instructed to hand it over to a new organization or existing department or office with similar interests e.g. African Studies program or the Ohio Valley International Council.







1.              Benefits of registration (paid dues):

a.     Eligibility for funding assistance in case of bereavement and accidents.

b.     Invitations to participate in the Association’s events and activities.

c.     Access to the Association’s mailing lists and mailing labels.

d.     Eligibility to be nominated and receive awards, certificates and other formal recognition.

e.     Eligibility to vote and be voted for.

f.      Eligibility for support with independent projects.

2.              Accounts and Accountability:

a.     The Association shall keep books of accounts such as a journal, ledger and receipt book.

b.     Internal auditors appointed by the General Assembly shall investigate misappropriation of funds. Appropriate action shall be taken to recover misappropriated funds.

c.     The Advisor and Treasurer shall co-sign the Associations account.

d.     Ad-hoc Committees: The Association shall establish ad-hoc committees whenever there is need.

3.              Activities:           

a.            In keeping with the aims and objectives, the Association shall carry out activities for the social, cultural and intellectual development of its membership, Ohio University and the Athens Community. Such activities may include:


b.     Colloquia conducted by students, faculty, staff or guest speakers.

c.     Film and/or home-video viewing.

d.     Sporting activities

e.     Social activities: welcome meetings, dinners, and dances.

f.      Workshops/training on crafts and arts

g.     Inter-organization cultural exchange

h.     Excursions

i.      Publication of a newsletter

j.      Inter-varsity African student activities

k.     Organizing mass action in support of legitimate African issues/causes

4.              Recognitions, Awards and certificates:

a.     The Association shall endeavor to solicit awards/certificates for its deserving members.

b.     The Association shall honor or recognize outstanding and active individuals.

5.              Code of conduct:

a.     Registered members (dues paid) are subject to policies and procedures described in the Association’s constitution.

b.     In the case of violations of university regulations and actions contrary to the aims and objectives of the Association, members shall be subject to disciplinary action described in the constitution.

6.              Mail services:

a.     The Association shall keep and maintain an electronic mail listserv and mailing addresses of all members.

7.              Assets:

a.     The Association shall own property.

b.     The Association shall maintain an up-to-date inventory of its assets